<aside> 👋 We’re looking for Notion templates and workspaces that are unique, aesthetically pleasing, and reasonably priced. If your product image is just a screenshot of the template, we likely won't accept it.


How does it work?

  1. List your template on Gumroad (or any other digital product eCom platform with an affiliate program).
  2. Add [email protected] as an affiliate on your product with at least a 10% affiliate fee. You can make the affiliate fee whatever you want it to be (minimum of 10% to be featured on Notionery). The higher the fee, the more we will feature you. Templates are not more likely to be approved based on their affiliate fee.
  3. Send us the affiliate link using the form on this page. Be sure to fill out both forms on this page.
  4. If approved, your template will go live on our site the following month. We launch new templates once a month.

<aside> 🚨 Please keep in mind we receive hundreds of submissions, and unfortunately, we can’t get back to everyone. We only accept a handful of templates each month. If your template wasn’t approved, it often just means we already have several templates in that category. ****Thank you for your understanding!


Submit your template

First, submit your template(s) using this form:

Notionery - Template Submission Form

After you’ve submitted your template(s), fill out this form if you haven’t done so already (you only need to fill out this form once):

Notionery - Template Creator Form